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WKS-LMR Michifuku 3500A

WKS-LMR Michifuku 3500A’s maternal grandsire is Shigeshigenami J10632, the sire of Itoshigenami TF148 and Suzunami, WKS Suzutani’s dam, herself renowned as the dam of both WKS Sanjirou and WKS Shigeshigetani. The dam of 3500A HOK Nakahana 5 is a half sibling to WKS Nakayuki, the mother of WKS Kitaguni Jr and in the Wagyu breed we never underestimate the maternal influence!

All in all, 3500A is the result of a brilliant Tajima breeding and he is an example of carcass potential that one can expect from his pedigree, sire by world-renoun WKS Michifuku. WKS-LMR Michifuku 3500A has an exemplary set of BREEDPLAN data for Ribeye EBV, Marble Score EBV and Marble Fineness EBV.

This bull produces offspring with carcass traits for marbling, REA, and calving ease. Semen is available for $40/straw.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: AA
  • Tenderness: 3
  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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