World K’s Takazakura

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World K's Takazakura (FB2892).

World K’s Takazakura (FB2892) is one of the great foundation bulls of the Wagyu breed. His grandsire, Yasufuku J930, sired 3 of the highest marbling sires of the 9th Zenkoku (“Wagyu Olympics”) in Japan. His sire is Takaei 1412, and his dam is Dai Ni Sakura 7.

Takazakura proved himself with a 2009 World K analysis of 1,200 bulls. 68% ranked three full grades above the highest prime on the USDA. 22% graded Prime and Prime +, and Takazakura bulls continue to deliver even today.

In addition to premium quality beef himself, this Takazakura bull produces long calves with exceptional marbling and tenderness.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: VA
  • Tenderness: 8
  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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