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World K's Shigeshigetani (FB2907).

World K’s Shigeshigetani (FB2907) has powerful Wagyu genetics. His sire is Haruki 2, and his dam is Suzutani. Shigeshigetani also carries the Kumanami strain, which is famous for its strong marbling genes.

In fall 2009, World K reported on 3,800 Shigeshigetani bulls. 90% graded 3 full grades above USDA prime. The remaining 10% graded Prime to Prime +, and these impressive results remain consistent a decade later.

World K’s Shigeshigetani tends to produce tall, long, thick cattle with pleasant dispositions. Like Sanjirou 3, his semen is scarce.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: VA
  • Tenderness: 3
  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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