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UKB Dia 6 Kitaseki 36M (FB6204).

UKB Dia 6 Kitaseki 36M (FB6204) has his growth and maternal characteristics from dam Kitasekihiro (of the Tottori/Kedara line) and his weight from the Itozakura line. His sire, Dai 6 Seizan, is an Itozakura/Tajima cross for improved marbling growth.

Kitaseki is an outcross to all herds in North, Central, and South America to prevent inbreeding. This large bull has great length, a strong loin, and is well balanced in his feet and legs. He’s also free from all recessive genetic disorders.

Kitaseki’s calves are large and thick, with pleasant dispositions. His daughters have plenty of milk and maternal characteristics. All of Kitaseki’s calves have received a World K Australian BMS score of 8-10 (Prime + to Prime ++ in the United States). Semen is a rare find on this bull!

Breed Specification

  • SCD: TBA
  • Tenderness: TBA
  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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