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TF151 Itozuru Doi (FB3685).

TF151 Itozuru Doi (FB3685) is a composite bull with a great pedigree: half Tajima, one-quarter Fujiyoshi, and one-quarter Kedaka. His Kedaka line in particular gives him a large frame (over 2,400 pounds), and his Fujiyoshi bloodling gives him excellent marbling.

Itozuru Doi’s sire is Itokitazuru J1081, and his dam is Yasuhime J433313. By the time experts tested his progeny and discovered his true value, the original Itozuru Doi died, leaving a limited supply of semen for breeders.

Itozuru Doi passes along early maturing traits to his calves, producing daughters with great milking ability. He’s a carrier of F11, but this bull is free from all remaining genetic conditions.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: TBA
  • Tenderness: TBA
  • F11: Carrier
  • Free of all other known genetic conditions

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