TF148 Itoshigenami

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TF148 Itoshigenami (FB3682).

TF148 Itoshigenami (FB3682) was sired by Shigeshigenami, and his dam was Fukuyuke. His sire was born from a double crossing of Shigekanenami on both sides to enhance marbling.

Itoshigenami is 75% Tajima, with a little Shimane and Kedaka in his blood as well. His average carcass weight is 970 pounds, and his average beef marbling score is 8.6 out of 9 on the Australian marbling scale.

Itoshigenami consistently sires calves that grow well and have great marbling and dispositions, just like their sire. Semen is available for $110/straw.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: VV
  • Tenderness: TBA
  • F11: Carrier
  • Free of all other known genetic conditions

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