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TF148 Itoshigenami (FB3682).

TF148 Itoshigenami (FB3682) was sired by Shigeshigenami, and his dam was Fukuyuke. His sire was born from a double crossing of Shigekanenami on both sides to enhance marbling.

Itoshigenami is 75% Tajima, with a little Shimane and Kedaka in his blood as well. His average carcass weight is 970 pounds, and his average beef marbling score is 8.6 out of 9 on the Australian marbling scale.

Itoshigenami consistently sires calves that grow well and have great marbling and dispositions, just like their sire. This bull is embryo production only, we do not have semen for sale.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: VV
  • Tenderness: TBA
  • F11: Carrier
  • Free of all other known genetic conditions

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