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SR Y13 Sanji (FB6193).

SR Y13 Sanji (FB6193) is the product of sire World K’s Sanjirou and dam Kitatemako 003, both from a great fullblood Wagyu line. His maternal grandsire was Kitateruyasu Doi, one of the greatest marbling bulls in history. Sanji has the thickest loin of any son of Sanjirou.

Sanji is well balanced, and he passes on his intense marbling and growth to his offspring. His calves have quality beef, and cows who breed with him calve easily due to low birth weights.

Sanji’s calves are thick and balanced, with great dispositions and marbling. In a grading of 500 of Sanji’s calves, not one was graded any lower than Prime by World K. This sire is embryo production only.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: TBA
  • Tenderness: TBA
  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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