Learn more about PV EEBURAMU 52G (FB44178).

PV EEBURAMU 52G is our very own son of the renoun Sanjirou 3 (FB2900). Sanjirou 3 is a full brother to the original Sanjirou and the highest-ranking carcass and marbling bull in the entire Wagyu breed, according to the 2017 National Wagyu Sire Summary. Like the original Sanjirou, this bull was sired by Michifuku and born to dam Suzutani.

Sanjirou 3’s semen is rare, and he is a much-sought-after sire. We are priviledged to own a son of his here at Prime Valley Farms!

Like most Wagyu bulls, PV EEBURAMU 52G is virile and fertile enough to impregnate numerous heifers to add to your herd. His REA yearling scan results were some of the highest we have seen! Semen is for sale on PV52G FB44178 for $25/straw.

Breed Specification

  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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