Kousyun YH11

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Kousyun YH11 (FB19540).

Kousyun YH11 (FB19540) is one of two sons of Yasufuku 930 (FB576) in the United States. Kousyun’s half-brother is Yasufuku JR.

Kousyun was DNA-verified to match sire Yasufuku J930 and dam Okuito 9 in Australia. Yasufuku J930 is the sire of the three highest marbling sires in Japan: Yasufuku 165-9, Fukusakae, and Yasuhira.

In the 9th Zenkoku (“Wagyu Olympics,” which occur every five years), Yasufuku J930 bloodlines dominated the contest, siring one champion and grandsiring two others.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: VA
  • Tenderness: 7
  • CL16: Carrier
  • Free of all other known genetic conditions

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