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Kimifuku 3 (FB4568).

Kimifuku 3 (FB4568) is the second of two sons of Tanifuku Doi that is available outside of Japan (his brother is Kikutsuru Doi). His dam is Kikutsuru, the famous “Hyogo Cow” from Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture.

This bull is the highest marbling bull in the High Tajima line—and the best marbler that Mr. Shogo Takeda raised in his lifetime. Kimifuku 3 was born in the United States, but only a small amount of his semen was imported here before the Japanese ban on Wagyu exports.

This bull has had a great influence in various Wagyu lines, and experts have bred several bulls as terminal sires. Kimifuku 3’s calves have quality carcasses and pleasant dispositions.

Unfortunately, semen is no longer available on this bull.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: AA
  • Tenderness: 3
  • Carrier: CL16 and F11
  • Free of all other known genetic conditions

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