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JVP Yasutanisakura 931 (FB2102).

JVP Yasutanisakura 931 (FB2102) hails from the Yasutani Doi line of Tajima, with Dai 7 Itozakar as his maternal grandsire. His sire is Yasukane 1682, and his dam is Nakatani 1851772.

This bull has been mostly underrated in the United States, but he offers extreme marbling and milking abilities in one sire. Wagyu semen salesman Taiki Otsuka said that the Yasutani Doi line has the “hands down, highest-quality marbling and best-tasting fat of all Tajima lines in Japan.”

Yasutanisakura breeds well with the World K bloodlines. Yasutanisakura sires sons with good growth and balance, and he sires daughters with plenty of milk. Semen is available for $90/straw.

Breed Specification

  • SCD: TBA
  • Tenderness: TBA
  • B3: Carrier
  • CHS: Free
  • CL16: Carrier
  • F11: Carrier

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