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ETJ003 Kitateruyasu Doi J2810 (FB686).

ETJ003 Kitateruyasu Doi J2810 (FB686) is sired by Terunaga Doi (FB685), and his dam is Yoshimi 3 (FB684). Both his paternal grandsire and maternal greatgrandsire are Kikuteru Doi, and Kitateruyasu Doi also traces back to Yasumi Doi J1028 and Yasutani Doi J472.

Kitateruyasu Doi is one of the three foundation bulls of Westholme Wagyu, one of the most highly acclaimed Wagyu to be imported from Japan.

This bull is the fourth-best marbling sire in the United States, and he has a bigger frame with a luxurious coat. In fact, Kitateruyasu Doi is in the top 2% for birth weight in U.S. Wagyu!

Breed Specification

  • SCD: AA
  • Tenderness: 4
  • F11: Carrier
  • Free of all other known genetic conditions

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