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Blackmore Kinusurukiku H224 (BYWFH0224).

We are very excited to have genetics from Australia's elite breeder, David Blackmore! 

The following comments on H224 are from his owner David Blackmore himself: “Kinusurukiku H224 Is a rare 100% Tajima bloodline bull. Even rarer for the Tajima bloodline, he is tested free of all recessive genes. His inbreeding co-efficiency is gene tested at 16.47%, low for the Tajima bloodline. His dam is an exceptional breeding brood cow, not only producing another exceptional sire in Kinuzuru E006 weighing 2450 lbs., but she also produced carcasses CW. 1,036 lbs. EMA 116, MS 9+ and CW 1161 lbs. EMA 107, MS 9+. We are now using H224 wherever we can in our herd to breed carcasses as we estimate that carcasses sired by him our valued at $1,000 more than our average carcass value.  H224 has an exceptional length of body along with the consistently high MS from H224-sired carcasses, this is where we get exceptional value from his offspring. At this time, we do not have any H224 semen qualified or available for export.” 

Stay tuned for the carcass results soon!

Breed Specification

  • Free of all known genetic conditions

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